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Abashan Upodeshta Limited Bengal Centre Plot 2, Civil Aviation, New Airport Road Khilkhet- Dhaka 1229 Bangladesh

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+8809606773311, +8809666773311

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ABASHAN UPODESHTA LTD was founded in 1996 by a small team of architects. It has now emerged as a leading architectural practice, widely recognized for the team’s commitment to quality.


We believe in pooling resources and working together. Abashan operates on the basis of wide networking between professionals of various groups- structural and civil engineers, landscape designers, electrical and mechanical engineers, interior designers, acoustic, lighting and specialist designers. There is a core group of architects and engineers whose capabilities are complemented by professional assistance from other sources. Our design solutions draw inspiration from what is special and unique about each project, the clients interest, the nature of the brief, the project’s setting and the way it will be built. Most importantly, we never lose focus of the realities of the situation.