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Abashan Upodeshta Limited Bengal Centre Plot 2, Civil Aviation, New Airport Road Khilkhet- Dhaka 1229 Bangladesh

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+8809606773311, +8809666773311

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Design Philoshopy

Our Design Philosophy: 

Abashan’s design philosophy is simple- we aspire to create a new lived experience, every time! The built environment is continually impacted by the pace of development, environmental concerns, internationalism and changing lifestyles. We can help you respond to these changes. Our work begins with research pertaining to the specific project and subsequent education of the design team regarding such things as historical, geographical and cultural influences, regional trends of art and artisans, natural resources, local building materials, construction capabilities and most importantly the clients perception.


Based on the firm relationship developed with other professionals over the years, we proudly bring extensive international experience to our projects which provide a substantial resource of new ideas, design techniques, as well as a broad spectrum of innovative products… all contributing to the distinctive nature of each project.


By designing a total lived experience, Abashan ensures that the underlying idea is communicated and reinforced throughout the design.